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Our Restaurant Is A Collective Of Amazing People Striving To Build Delightful.

We here at New Yorker Pizza have the privilege of working on and delivering one of America’s most beloved pastimes, pizza.This is a privilege that we pride ourselves on, providing the most authentic New York style pizza to the Leesburg community. Every pizza, calzone, or gyro that goes out to the customer has been tested and retested. We wouldn’t serve a dish that we wouldn’t eat ourselves, that’s a fact! But, it’s not just the cheese and pepperoni that makes the experience of New Yorker Pizza truly what it is, it’s the customer. We concern ourselves with the entirety of the customer experience, and that includes the unsung heros of your pizza, pasta, and wings experience. For our pizzas, we make sure to keep the authenticity of the product intact. We handtoss our pizzas not just to show off, but to remain true to the art of Italian pizza making. As Mario Batali explains, “Although it’s a little ‘guido,’ throwing pizza actually gives you the best way of extending [the dough] without pushing your fingers through it.” It’s an efficient and safe way to avoid tearing the your future pizza. You'll feel like you’re right in the heart of Time Square with every bite. If you have never been to New York, know that some of the best food isn’t what you would find in the “five-star, ritzy” restaurants that’ll cost you over $50 just for a small plate of pasta. No, the true, authentic, New York experience comes from the hustle and bustle of street cart vendors who serve everyone from foreign tourists to CEOs on a daily basis. One of the most famous quick bites from these street-carts are lamb-gyros and other halal style street food that has rapidly expanded over The Big Apple these days. Not one to fall behind trends, New Yorker Pizza brings this style to every gyro made on site right for all of Loudoun County to enjoy. We are New York authentic right down to the box. It’s not the Pablo Picasso of pizza boxes, but who said “never judge a book by its cover?” If you are getting delivery in New York City and your pie comes in flowery box with “artisan” quotes and some slapped on photos of a farm that pizza shop has never even seen, you’re getting all show and no flavor. We hear at New Yorker Pizza are ready to show you what it means to have a slice of pizza that is truly packed full of amazing flavor or a dozen juicy, dripping off the bone wings that doesn’t need a fancy dress to show off the goods inside. We think you deserve a little more credit than that. That is our oath and that is what we can guarantee you with every order. You’re not just getting delivery or dining in, you’re going on a 250 mile journey to one of the most extravagant cities in the world right in the blink of an eye. And you don’t even need to pack your bags or go through security, just let us here at New Yorker Pizza take you on a trip that your taste buds will never forget. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for news and updates from your favorite neighborhood pizzeria.


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Charles Davis

Head Chef

Vincent Green

Sous Chef

Samuel Sims

Restaurant Manager

David Butler

Pasta Expert

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- Shamika Smith​

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